Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st weigh in

Well the first week was quite good, although I have been a bit bad on the weekend. I managed to stay within my points every day and save a little so that we could be a bit more adventurous on the weekend.
Brenda and I went in and weighed ourselves at Gym this morning and we have both lost.
Me: - 4.2/9.2lbs (132.4kg/20.9stone)
Brenda: - 0.8 (66kg/10.5 stone)

Hopefully next week will be as productive! I have not done any exercise since I have been sick, but Brenda has done her normal school sports and walked the dogs on the other days.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New start

Once again, I have fallen totally off the rails. Not entirely my fault, since all sorts of things have happened which I will explain shortly.
The last post I made I set myself some goals which I will go over now.

1. Do all 4 UNISA assignments which are due between now and the end of April
2. Book UNISA practical week and confirmed by UNISA
3. Go to gym at least once a week (got to start somewhere) -oops, but have been a couple of times
4 Make lunch every day for work instead of doing take aways - have been much better but still not doing it every day
5. Make April birthday cards (4) - made 1
6. Make at least 5 cards for the Cards for prisoners charity I heard about from a friend. You make a card for them to send to a family member. - oops
7. Each day think of at least one thing that I am greatful for. - oops
8. Pack Brendas clothes by Thursday

So I made about a third of my goals. What has been happening to deflect my attention, well where do I start? April wasn't too bad, although I did have a few slip ups. May was a disaster. It startedd off where we had no electricity for nearly a week at the start of May. There my eating and saving went out of the window. Being unable to cook or store food, we ended up getting a lot of take-aways. I then was studying for exams which of course means that firstly I am hungry all the time and secondly I haven't got as much time to prepare food properly. Just towards the end of exams I then got flu and have not fully recovered from that. I eventually went to the doctor on Monday and am now on antibiotics, which seems to be sorting it out. So, needless to say those are my excuses. However, I know that that is just what they are, excuses!
Last week Brenda and I had a discussion about one of her friends who has lost a lot of weight recently and she said that she wanted to lose some weight too. Now she is a big girl, but not hugely overweight. She is 13 and a half and wears size 15-16 clothes but can actually fit into 13-14. However, she has picked up recently since this year she has not done as much sport as normal. I of course mentioned to her that she would have to start eating some vegetables and fruit, to which she replied that "But I do, I eat plums!" Considering those are the only fruit she will agree to eat, and they are out of season we may have some difficulty on that score!
So, since Monday, Brenda and I have been doing Weight Watchers. I was not sure what to give her points wise, but gave her the mens points for her weight. For me it has been going fine, but for her I feel she is eating too much carbs. Last night I did get her to agree to at least try veggies since she has now realised that those will save her points and allow her to eat more! So we will have to see how that goes, lol. She was also horrified when she saw the amount of milk I was allocating her since she typically drinks at least 2 glasses a day.
In the interests of full disclosure, here are my before pictures. I hope to take pictures at least once a week, but will probably only post monthly.

I have not as yet, had a chance to do any measurements, but plan on doing that as soon as possible.
Starting weight (5 June 2011) - 136.6 kgs. (21.5 stone)

I will go with 5kgs as my first goal which I would like to have lost by the end of July. However, I would ideally like to have lost at least 20 kgs by my birthday! So, as we say at work my target will be to be 116,6 by 6 December, stretch target 110kg by 6 December!