Thursday, January 6, 2011


One of the things Mel has done with my little word is to make a talisman to remind you of your word. Not being very creative on the beading/jewellery side I never really thought of doing this. Not only that I am not that creative, but I dont really wear jewellery that much and dont see the point in buying a lot of equipment that I will hardly use. Until today, that is. Brenda had a mosaicing class at our local craft shop, so I went early to browse accidentally arrived a few minutes early to fetch her. I happened to be down the beading and findings aisle and noticed that they sell ready made necklaces that you can add your own charms to. They also have a huge selection of charms/findings and I just couldn't resist. I debated for a long time on what to add to my talisman, but I am quite happy with the final selection.

The big love heart in the middle is actually for attitude, to remind me to love myself and other people more. Then there is a knife, fork and spoon, which is to remind me about eating healthily. The handbag is actually to remind me to save money. This was as close as I could find to money. The cross is to remind me to thank God for everything he has given me, to count my blessings and concentrate on the important things in life. You can't really see it, but there is also a leaf which is to remind me that I must turn over a new leaf this year. I really don't wear jewellery much, but I hope to remember to wear this.

When Brenda saw it she was trying to guess what the pieces were for. She got the heart and the cutlery, but when she saw the bag her reaction was: "oh, you're going to buy a smaller handbag!" Who says my bag is too big, lol.


  1. nice necklace..i like it..

    I like seeing people wearing jewelries, fancy or real. I also have jewelries but i always forgot to wear it. lol.

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Nice necklace. I can sympathize with the lack of creativity (I struggle with it too!), but I do think it takes a good deal of creativity to be able to piece together symbolic charms like you did. It's very pretty.