Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weight loss, week 1.

Okay, okay I know I have not posted about this and to be honest have not really done much at all. Last week I was very good and managed to control myself totally. Was supposed to weigh in on Monday  but it started raining on Sunday and was like a cyclone for Monday - Wednesday, so couldnt face running into gym in the rain. Not only that but I started with a sore throat on Monday and have felt like death warmed up since then. I eventually gave in and went to the doctor on Friday. Since most doctors here charge upfront and you have to clam back from medical aid, and since I am always broke I never actually go to the doctor if I can help it. Anyway, this time I was not improving at all so was forced to go and get antibiotics. I feel much better today on day 3 of the antibiotics, so I know I did the right thing. I have not been eating properly and when I have it has been things like ice-cream and custard, but even that was just a few spoonfuls. Unfortunately, despite starving myself I have not managed to lose weight, grrr. At least I havent picked up though. I will re-weigh in tomorrow and be back on the wagon for this week.

On another note, I bought a little piggybank for the money I put in when I have lost. I wanted a pretty pink one, but I made the mistake of taking Brenda with me and she liked the gold. It says on the side "One day I will be rich"  The reflection was entirely an error, but if I ever have to do another selfportrait I know how to get reflections now lol.

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